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Example documents, presentation materials, check lists, etc.

Due Diligence

Example documents or supporting materials for Due Diligence activities. These are outline examples of the materials used to complete due diligence consulting.

Business Planning

We provide two example of business plans. We do not recommend simply starting with these two. It is important to find an example plan that fits your industry, your activities, and most importantly your style.

Strategic IT

The strategic IT category encompasses a large collection of concepts and projects. Below are some example areas where an outside consulting group often adds value to an internal discussion.

IT Systems/Networks

System work is based on collecting base information and producing a mapping from it to the new environment. Below are some examples of data collection documentation.

Web Presence

There are many sites dedicated to planning and building a web site. Below is a document that we use when evaluating a client's needs for smaller sites.


There are 100's of e-Commerce platforms that can be used to build a web store. For most clients we use Magento and below are some articles related to this package.

Example Projects

Please see the case studies page where example projects are discussed.