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Business Services Overview

Due Diligence DD's are for both external and internal reviews. For purchase an operational understanding is key to integration and retaining value, yet it is often overlooked.
Business Planning A business without a plan is a hobby. Not all plans need to be complex and wordy, but a clear set of objectives are required.
Strategic IT Investments in IT are difficult when it is seen as a cost center. Partnering with IT can result in a service culture instead of a break/fix culture.
IT Systems/Networks Teams often want help with systems & infrastructure design and rollout. Expert knowledge reduces design complexity and results in a stronger foundation.
Web Presence Your business wants a great web site - but what does than mean? Building a site that works and yet maintainable by your staff - this is a must.
E-Commerce There are 100's of platforms to choose from - what will work for you? Order processing, Credit Cards, shipping, inventory, PCI compliance, etc.?

Main Activities

Whether conducting a Due Diligence or implementing a simple network infrastructure a business review is required to understand the current situation. With most projects end point is clear but to build the required project path we also need to know where to start.
Fully understanding your business goals, along with our expertise, allows us to build the plan required to succeed. Plans often need to be dynamic and flexible - we may need to modify the approach and make course adjustments without having to start afresh.
Projects, regardless of whether it is a technical implementation or new business plan, need to be managed. Projects without plans are not projects. Projects without objectives never fully achieve the mission statement and, at best, finish late.