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You must know where you are before you can find the path to where you want to be

Often the end goal of any exercise is known, or at least somewhat understood. Lots of focus is placed on knowing where you want to be and usually when you want to be there. As in many exercises a statement of "the goal" seems easy but we all know that the project's complexity will not be known until the project roadmap is built. Before a roadmap to the end goal can be visualized it is vital to know the current starting point, not the perceived starting point but the true starting point.

A Due Diligence book

Whether conducting a Due Diligence or implementing a simple network infrastructure a business review is required to understand the current situation, the true starting point. This review allows the defining of the start and end points and allows the visualization of the roadmap required to reach the target.

We often call this review process a due diligence. This is different to the traditional due diligence that is used in pure M&A (transactional) projects. Operational due diligence activities overlaps with financial and legal due diligence. For non business transactional work, which covers most business projects, the operational due diligence is the benchmarking of the current situation. The breath and depth of the operational due diligence must be matched to the scope and scale of the proposed project.

  • MRD Global works with our clients to identify the scope and scale of the proposed project. This is based on a rough understanding of the current perceived situation and the expressed goals. This allows the determination of the breath and depth required for the operational review.
  • An outline of the operational view is prepared including the sections where details are required - it could include just a review of a particular part of the IT function or include inter-functional operational requirements and processes.
  • Presentation of the review documents and any current recommendations. Acceptance of the review allows the beginning of the detailed project planning phase.
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