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Business Planning

Plans, Evaluations and Strategy.

hand shake The foundation of a good business is the execution of its plans. Business plans can be as short or as long as is appropriate - the only real requirement is that there exists objectives to reach and a means to measure whether they are being achieved. Obviously the larger the organization the more detailed and complex the plan tends to be but even simple plans form the framework for success. Our goal is to assist in the creation, modification and review of your business plans - regardless of whether they are sales focused, marketing driven, based on technology or risk mitigation.

A business without a plan is a hobby.
  • We have helped start-ups consider the steps needed to get angle or venture funding
  • Develop complete technical operational plans for rapid growth
  • Evaluate costs and organizational structures to allow a refocus on core business
  • Market analysis and presentational materials for board level meetings
  • Complete business plans for start-up businesses - aviation, retail, high tech, etc.


We have a simple goal - to work with you to define a plan that addresses the current requirements and meets the mid term strategic vision. This must be done so that there are clearly measurable steps; more than just cashflow or a Profit&Loss statement, more than the growth rate figures, but it must also contain plans to give insight into the operational health of your business

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Monitoring of business operations
  • Customer Relationship management
  • Investments required in technology/marketing/staff/etc.
  • Investor relationship management and corporate governance