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Strategic IT

Consultant advice on overall IT direction and key technologies.

With a never ending list of potential IT solutions and new technologies, determining which to focus on is often only performed at an individual project level. To maximize IT efficiency and return on investment an overall IT strategy is required. This strategy usually covers:

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  • Defined business objectives for IT
  • Operational Structure and processes
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Risk analysis for infrastructure
  • Risk analysis for systems and operations
  • Integration plan for Data and Systems

These key elements should be defined for the IT organization and worked into the business practices, especially for objectives, disaster recovery, data protection and security. None of these can simply be treated as IT only items.

  • MRD Global engages companies on any and all of the above topics. Each project can be treated independently but still must be integrated with existing plans and processes. These projects utilize industry best practices based on defined standards and technology specific design (e.g. MS Active Directory design, Cisco ISP design, etc.)
  • Consultant Chief Technical Officer (CTO) - high level IT guidance and action without the full time cost of such an experienced professional.
  • Deliverables include review documents and recommendations. Overall strategy documents are also generated where appropriate.