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A project plan's complexity is in its details, and the details count

Building on the review process and its findings a complete project plan is created. As with all project management activities about 30% of the total project costs are incurred in project planning, project management and reporting. Getting the plan right at the start is important. No plan is static and inflexible but the more a plan is changed while being implemented, usually called project creep, the greater the likelihood that the project will not deliver 100% of the desired objectives.

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Fully understanding your business goals, along with our expertise, allows us to build the plan required to succeed. The better the initial plan, before implementation starts, the higher the overall confidence in achieving the result. Time must be spent at this stage to complete the roadmap that fits the project's requirements. The plan must be able to handle some minor modifications to the approach and make some course adjustments without having to start afresh.

Project plans are not build in isolation, it is an iterative process between the project manager and members of the planning team. This usually includes both consultant staff and experts from within the client organization.

  • MRD Global works with our clients to map review information into a project plan. This work is collaborative between the project manager and the planning team which is usually a mix of consultants and client staff.
  • Working with our client we solicit buy-in from the proposed project implementation team members who are required to begin the next phase - this in of itself requires the agreement of an implementation team structure and work assignments, based on the work breakdown structures from the plan.
  • Presentation of the project plan and any current recommendations. Acceptance of the plan allows the beginning of the implementation phase.
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